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 " A speeding ticket I received really ruined my day. When I contacted your company I was able to take my on line class and get the ticket off my record.  it was quick, reasonable and you insured that I was well taken care of. . When I did have a problem Mr. Carey even traveled personally to my court and immediately got everything worked out.  I hadn't even heard of an 892.1 "
Thanks Robert...you made it work....no ticket...no insurance increase.....
37 year old traffic offense from Richwood

“ I didn't want to come to the class, as a matter of fact I dreaded it.  Man, was I wrong.  I learned a lot and it was interesting.  Mr. Mike got through to me when no else else had."
Thanks Judge.....It really made a difference......
27 year old Theft  from Ruston City Court
" Mr. Mike is funny and before I knew it I was learning and changing my attitude. I just never thought I would ever be arrested for DWI.   I felt like he really cared and that I had known him for a long time."  
30 year old DWI from Lake Charles
"  Why didn't we have classes like this in school.  Maybe I would have never got in trouble in the first place."
20 year old Theft Attendee from Bossier City
" I had your class 7 years ago and in no small part I turned my life around. I learned that maybe I did not have a anger problem, but I did have an education problem.  I have graduated from college and have a great job and family.  I just want you to know you did make a difference."
32 year old Battery( Anger) Attendee from Monroe
" When Mr. Randy told me I had to take your class I was not happy.  It was going to ruin my Saturday.  I learned a lot about how fair the Judge really had been to me and how my 894 can change my life and give me a second chance. "
25 year old Theft Attendee from Eunice
" The last thing i wanted to do was to go to a class and pay money to do it.  I was surprised that  I learned something.  I didn't even know how  the diversion program I was in worked.  I do now.  I have a dream and it did not include having a criminal record.  You made it so simple and in a way that I got the point, but I wasn't embarrassed.  Thanks "
29 year old Marijuana(substance abuse) Attendee from West Monroe
" I had been in trouble before and had to go to classes. They didn't do anything for me. You said some of the same things, but it was how you said it and how interesting you made everything."
40 year old DWI Pre Trial Attendee from Calcasieu Parish
These are but a few of many comments we have had through the years. We firmly believe one of the best indication of the quality of our classes is what those people attending have to say about us.
We also have available references from Judges, Probation Officers, Pre Trial Case Workers and others. 
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